Congratulations to FOL’s Certified Trail Clearing Team

This past weekend a dedicated group of Friends of Letchworth members got together to participate in the Game of Logging Certification with Bill Lindloff. This course taught members proper safety and maintenance of chainsaws as well as how to safely fell a tree and how to handle storm damage.  

The purpose of the training was to help prepare FOL for their role in assisting with maintaining the 66 miles of trails that are within Letchworth State Park.

One of the first projects the newly trained volunteers will tackle is clearing trees and brush from an abandoned picnic area near the Parade Grounds on the east side of the river near Portageville. The stone picnic tables in this area are scheduled to be restored by 2019 through a New York State Environmental Protection grant to the Friends of Letchworth State Park.

The chainsaw training for Friends of Letchworth State Park volunteers was supported with funding from the New York State Park and Trail Partnership Program (NYSPTPP) and the New York State Environmental Protection Fund. NYSPTPP is administered by Parks and Trails New York in partnership with the State Office of Parks and Historic Restoration.

Are you interested in helping keep Letchworth State Park America’s #1 State Park? Become a member today and ask to volunteer!

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