I Love My Park Day 2016

Hi EvILMPDeryone,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who were able to come out and help support our “ILMPD” this year in so many different ways, especially when there were so many other things going on this week-end.  We had wonderful weather and a great group of people who accomplished a lot during the morning! The pre-registration total was 106 and several more registered that morning, not to mention the park staff and our FoLSP members who participated.

Our scholarship winner, Hannah Weierheiser and her family (mom, dad, grandmother) were present. Rich did a wonderful job presenting the award to her. It seemed more than fitting that we honored her during this time.  Her family was really impressed and joined as members afterwards besides making a donation.

We have another new member, John Hollander, who also joined our group Saturday and was part of the work crew.  Thank you John and welcome!!

Jeane DeGolyer also came to help Saturday and brought Cal who enjoyed visiting and having lunch with us.

Thanks Lori for coming with your family and taking pictures of the day’s events! They have already been posted on our Facebook page. If any of the rest of you took pictures, please feel free to post them to our Facebook page or email our webmaster and we’ll put them on the website.

Thanks again for helping to make “ILMPD” so successful this year.  Great job organizing it, Doug!! KUDOS!

Thanks again everyone!  Have a good-week!

President – Friends of Letchworth State Park


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